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How To Achieve Your Goals: The 3 Steps I Use

Now I have had many setbacks in life, like many of us do, where things haven't worked out how I originally planned or visualised them to (see my story). It is frustrating, it can be demotivating. But what I have learnt from these setbacks is that it's really important...

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7 Scientific Health Benefits Of Travelling

Everybody loves going on vacation, but often, for one reason or another, people do not make time for it. If and when a person absolutely needs one, he or she might not prioritize it. Additionally, when time is finally taken, instead of traveling, people sometimes...

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Video: Why So Many People Don’t Love Their Jobs

Now I think it's fair to say that the majority of people don't 'love' their jobs. But since I started my online business, I do begin to ask myself even more why this should be the case. My perspective on the way things are is that society really pigeon holes us into...

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Do You Fear A.I. Will Take Your Job?

Artificial intelligence was designed to relieve us from the everyday tasks that take up our precious time. It was intended as a means to give us back out time to be used for important matters like business, education, and socialization. Artificial intelligence...

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Why Do We Resist Change?

Human beings are creatures of habit. We like the same routines all the time. Many of us cling to the same things each year. We find it comforting to do familiar activities. At the same time, such feelings can be quite detrimental. Our feelings can get in the way of...

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Overcoming Failure: 9 Powerful Habits

When you feel like a failure, everything you try to do feels hopeless. You may think that failure is guaranteed, because you never seem to be able to do anything right. But that’s the wrong kind of thinking. Instead, focus on these nine powerful habits in order to...

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Why The Best Entrepreneurs Always Listen

We live in a narcissistic society. There are celebrities who make it seem as the entire world revolves around them. It's all a part of their branding, and this branding is set up for the purpose of making ever-larger chunks of money off of consumers. Many famous folks...

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The 5 Secrets To Public Speaking

Many people shy away from speaking in public. In fact, if you were going to ask people what they feared most, public speaking might well be at the top of their list. At the same time, speaking in public may be necessary. People need to learn to speak to groups to...

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You Are Never ‘Too Old’ To Make A Change

Our society is driven by the notion that we have to "make" while we are still young. This idea pressures people in their early 20's to make the choice about what career they will pursue for the rest of their lives. However, the truth is that we all have different life...

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