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Video: Who Is The Real You?

I often like to relax and watch various videos on YouTube. As I'm always striving towards self development and being the best version of myself, I often watch various types of self reflection videos. I came across one the other day that I really enjoyed that I was...

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5 Ways To Improve Your Self-Confidence

None of us are born with natural levels of unlimited self-confidence, it is something that we all need to work on. Whether it is through normal life or in business, the challenging nature of the work can really deflate your self-confidence so it is really important...

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Health Benefits Of Living By The Sea

  How many of us go on holiday every year visiting a place by the sea? Many of you I'm sure.   Have you ever wondered why you are constantly drawn back to such places? Maybe it's the beaches or the sound of the ocean but really there are many health benefits that may...

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Best Online Business Ideas For 2019

We now live in a truly digital age. Year upon year, technology seems to be developing and growing at a fascinating pace, as our society and way of lives becomes more and more digitalised. Along with this significant shift however, comes a huge and ever growing level...

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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

If you have decided to go down the entrepreneurial path, you're in for quite a ride! Being an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster ride, with the journey bringing out all sorts of emotions that you maybe wouldn't experience in a typical career job. It is like playing...

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How To Achieve Your Goals: The 3 Steps I Use

Now I have had many setbacks in life, like many of us do, where things haven't worked out how I originally planned or visualised them to (see my story). It is frustrating, it can be demotivating. But what I have learnt from these setbacks is that it's really important...

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7 Scientific Health Benefits Of Travelling

Everybody loves going on vacation, but often, for one reason or another, people do not make time for it. If and when a person absolutely needs one, he or she might not prioritize it. Additionally, when time is finally taken, instead of traveling, people sometimes...

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Video: Why So Many People Don’t Love Their Jobs

Now I think it's fair to say that the majority of people don't 'love' their jobs. But since I started my online business, I do begin to ask myself even more why this should be the case. My perspective on the way things are is that society really pigeon holes us into...

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