About Me

Hi, I’m Matt Willis.


If you’re here, chances are it’s because you want to discover the steps required to start a profitable online business, create more personal wealth and really dictate your life.


Trust me, I can fully relate to that desire, I have been there.


It’s incredible to see how far the digital age has come and probably more incredible to think of the huge potential it holds for the future.


That being said, there are many people out there on the internet at the moment and it can be difficult to know who you can trust. I know the feeling.


But one thing I can guarantee you is that I’ll be a straight talker. I won’t make out starting an online business is easy because it’s not. It’s certainly not a quick win or a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and if that’s what you think, then maybe this isn’t for you.


However, I’m confident that anyone can achieve this if they have the right mindset, guidance and people around them who can guide them through the core steps required to start their own online business.



Brief background


I was born in Essex, England, in 1993.


I grew up in a fairly big town and attended an average local comprehensive school.


Perhaps similar to you, I’ve always wanted to be successful even from a young age, which was a factor in how I was made Head Boy at school, something that gave me more hunger to achieve more in the future.


Despite that I have never been someone that achieved really high grades but have always given 100% to get the result or situation that I want. Which I’m sure you will agree in many circumstances can take you a long way to what you want to achieve.


After scraping through my A levels, I went off to university and completed a degree in business and law. I knew I wanted to be involved in business, the specifics I was not sure of at the time. Upon graduation, I ended up in recruitment, which I hated.


I’d like to think I’m a good communicator but cold calling, really wasn’t for me. 10+ hour shifts packed with cold calling, rejection and unrealistic targets, which would damage my morale on a daily basis.


So I took action.


I studied a Masters and went to Law School in London, with the revised aspiration of becoming a lawyer. My main motivations for this was the career prospects in the long term, I felt it would open doors to various options and opportunities.


During this time I would constantly send out applications for trainee lawyer positions and undertook several voluntary legal positions.


After finishing law school, I managed to secure a full time paralegal role working for the government in Westminster, which on paper was a very reputable job.



What changed?


After around 6 months of working in Westminster, once again I knew I’d chosen the wrong path. The job itself I didn’t enjoy, very different to law school and the general office culture I found very difficult.


Surrounded by many people who I couldn’t relate to and the political points scoring that occurred on a daily basis drove me mad. I knew I had to get out.


I used to think to myself, all this education and hard graft in various voluntary and full time roles and I was hating what I was doing.


I used to visualise my life in 5 years time and the idea of still working in this type of role at 30, quite frankly frightened me.


And I really came to question why I had spent all this time and effort to result in a life I simply wasn’t enjoying and was dreading the direction I was heading in.


I found this particularly demotivating, given I had committed the majority of my life to my career, sacrificing much of my social life in the process.


My routine was intense. For the usual working week I would commute 2 hours each way every day to Westminster. On top of the working hours it was easily a 14+ hour working day.


You may be able to relate to a train commute? Standing there on the platform among crowds of people, while the station announcer declares yet another signal failure, yet in your pocket sits your £5k annual season ticket.


I was sick of it.


Then at the weekends I continued to work in a local gym, in order to earn extra cash. It was only a part time job that I had held alongside my studies so it was never a job I envisaged as a career.


So I was in a situation where I felt I was living for this one day at the weekend that I had free. And as slow as it arrived every week it was gone in a flash.


You know that feeling? When Sunday 6pm seems to spring upon you just moments after the buzz of Friday night (although working in the gym at the weekends I had even lost this Friday evening buzz!).


What I couldn’t get out of my head was I’m 25, I’ve got approx £35k+ of student debt, I was unhappy and I’m a million miles away from buying a house or a new car.


I knew something had to change but I didn’t know what to do or how.


I felt trapped. My time was restricted working 6 days a week. I had next to nothing financially. I just didn’t know what to.


Most evenings and commutes I would watch inspirational videos on YouTube or listen to soundtrack music (which I find motivating!) to help me get through the days. And it was through watching videos on YouTube I came across an ad that sparked my attention.


You know what it is like with the ads on YouTube? Most of the time we hit the ‘skip’ button after those very long 5 seconds and get to the video we have selected as quickly as possible right?


But there was something about the message in this ad that really reached out to me, preventing me from hitting ‘skip’, that proposed this idea of a life of freedom and owning your own online business. Having said that, I’m always wary of claims on the internet that look too good to be true, so I was very sceptical.


But the ad came with a video series, where I received a video once a day for 7 days. And day by day, my level of scepticism gradually eroded away as I began to realise this was genuinely a realistic scenario I could create for myself.


I quickly realised that this was not only a ‘way out’ of my situation at the time but also a direction I became very passionate about embarking on in my future.


So I took action.



Where am I now?

I now run 2 online businesses where I really dictate my life everyday!


Now I don’t go to sleep at night, dreading the next day, I actually go to bed looking forward to waking up in the morning.


The tools and technologies that are available now make it possible for anyone to start their own online business, regardless of how much experience or capital you have.


Furthermore, this means that regardless of whether you are in Europe or America, you’re awake or asleep, your business can continue to run and make you money. So this gives you the time to do exactly what you want to do each and every day.


This fantastic business model is one I use in my businesses. It is known as affiliate marketing, which means I recommend products and services I genuinely believe in to people who I feel would find value in those products and services.


The process I have in place is largely automated, so it doesn’t matter where I am in the world, my business will largely run by itself.


But ultimately, I am the one in control. I call the shots. It is my business and I don’t need to seek approval or sign off from anyone with the way I run it.


This couldn’t have been possible for me without the fantastic training and community I have now surrounded myself with.


So I will finish with a final question for you.


Will you take action?


If so, then it seems to me that you really want to dictate your life and I would highly recommend the free video training that starts to introduce the steps required to start your very own online business.


Thank you for reading,